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How could you resist this beauty and come home unscathed?

No, there’s no way.
Me walking to the office just for a moment to gather my notebook and Ti glancing at it on the counter…

“Fräulein, it’s so très charmant.”
“Yeah, I know.”
“Do you mind if I take her home?”

He’s making puppy eyes…
At the end he wins…
Why I’m feeling a little betrayed here… XD
Then I start for home and I find myself caged…

“Sweetheart, dine with me tonight?”
“I’m making your favorite.”
“Keep the dress on so I shall unwrap my present tonight?”
“So many presents, spoiled child! What about me?”

He smiles.
The kind of smile that I can’t live without, with a touch of mischief in his eyes.
And the the kiss that unravels me from inside out.

“Happy anniversary, now go back to your free day, petite.”


No-one stops my party!

Sono con una forma di influenza lieve da almeno una settimana.
Iniziato con mal di gola, che si è tramutato in emicrania seria e poi due giorni di normalità prima che il mio stomaco finisse in totale default.
Vivo da quasi tre giorni a roba secca, banane e formaggini, ovviamente sto perdendo il poco peso che ho riacquistato durante le vacanze di Natale…

La tragedia è il fatto che ho voglia di fare una cosiddetta mazza.
Sto cincischiando da stamattina davanti al portatile e temporeggiare in questo momento non è ottimale.
Chi dorme non piglia pesci…
Io non riesco manco a dormire…

Certe cose si fanno quando non puoi dormire…
Quando viene la luna e ti chiede di uscire…

There’s no moon tonight.
I can’t see it at least but Mina knows and sings into my ear.
She always knows after all those years…
She knows you, Ti.
Our smiles, my cup of tea and your black coffee, your fingers weaved with mine under the table when we dine out with friends, the glow of your bare shoulders over me.
Blue smoke you puff out while you work.

The song is playing on repeat, it’s hurting me in many ways.
A good kind of hurt, mind you.
I know it will end in a few days.
Still there are the solitude and silence.
You changed me for the better in record time, Ti.
Again… there’s just one thing I will not say to you out loud, feelings not withstanding.
Happy new Year Art Deco Middle Aged Bastard.

Ma si sa certe cose non le puoi raccontare…

I don’t want a sweetheart,
All I want is a MACHINE!
I love you the most, I do.
When you’re so close to me,
I can smell the gasoline!



10 minutes ago…
Day is almost done and…

“Yeah, Ti?”
“Do you want something for tomorrow?”
The instant when he understands and smirks, eyes ice cold raising my hackles.
“Guess I should clear a slot for you, Fräulein.”
“Yes and make sure we have ‘lots’ of time.” I’m snickering now, wishing I could just slap him where it counts.
And the jerk of my heart puts his gloves on, winks and is off.

Rest calm and remember me…

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