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I breathe, I still walk, I came, I conquered.
I won.
…and I work on Saturdays… 😅




Rain pattering gently on the glass panes.
Fire cracking in the grate, light swaying on his relaxed face, the sharp angle of his cheeckbones.
Lips slightly parted while he breathes deeply in his slumber.

It truly has been a mad week for both of us, always running from one spot to another, always ‘on it’ like we didn’t have an actual life.
We did make a lot of money in the last five days but I feel like death warmed over, and Ti – apart from his extraordinary phisique, as he says – looks peaked I admit.
I still have work to do right now, I should finish reading this article and wrap the listings up…I can’t help but staring at him.
Work be damned.

Passare il sabato sera davanti al caminetto con un dito di cognac vecchio di trent’anni, l’aroma del sigaro di Ti nell’aria, un buon match di poker, il mio buzzurro che mi lancia sguardi dall’altro lato del divano e la Piaf che canta nell’angolo buio della sala, sotto le finestre.
Right now he’s gone to get the profiteroles from the fridge and this is priceless…
Quanto ci scommettiamo che tra un’oretta passeremo allo strip poker? 😏


You know that moment in time when you look in his general direction…
And you watch…
And you keep doing it with obvious enjoyment written all over your face…
And he catches you across the club…
The look he gives you, grinning like a fool.
And suddenly you’re not in the mood for dancing in public anymore.

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