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Me: Non so il perché ma ho come l’impressione che qualcuno abbia fatto un’idiozia mentre ero via…vero Linds? 😒

Linds: È colpa dell’ACR!!!

Me: A-ha… 😑

  1. He always wakes up before me in the mornings;
  2. His ties take two entire drawers of his walk-in wardrobe;
  3. He usually eats breakfast without seeing it, literally. (Newspaper lover)
  4. Tends to smoke cigars to relax in the evening;
  5. Doesn’t like to change lightbulbs;
  6. He wears reading glasses in bed and he never wears pajamas;
  7. Spinach is not his favourite;
  8. Uncanny ability to know if his train will be late;
  9. Drinks tea with milk and no sugar;
  10. Never without a handkerchief;
  11. ‘Don’t get ready. STAY ready for anything life throws at you’;
  12. Grumbles when I forget to eat;
  13. Grumbles even more when I don’t stay for the night;
  14. His suits are the stuff of legend (and my red light dreams 😍);
  15. He hums while he shaves, mainly classics;
  16. Patient but dry when provoked, it’s very hard to make him tick;
  17. Never touch his collection of cuff links;
  18. Doesn’t like Chevrolet Darling;
  19. He swears in German, he makes love in French;
  20. Has a penchant for cherry almond flavored tobacco;
  21. He never looks at himself in the mirror before going out;
  22. He doesn’t believe in superstition;
  23. He believes in destiny;
  24. Business shark and at times a cuddly teddy bear;
  25. Mumbles incoherently when sleepy;
  26. He keeps the cigarettes case next to his heart;
  27. Obsessed with the motto ‘Dress to impress’;
  28. Sweet tooth for coffee candy;
  29. His laugh starts from the belly;
  30. Walking antiques Encyclopedia Unita;

And finally…

The first epithets.

He says I’m a ‘Practical chaos-finder dreaming chit’.

I say he’s an ‘Art deco middle aged bastard’.

The limitless ways of affection… 💞☕🥃


I don’t have a workstation…

My old pc with the AOC monitor, the notebook, two 1 tera hard disks for archive, my monstrous stereo (there! In the corner! ❤️) with Radio Ga Ga on, my 20’s lamp and hiding there an indestructible American Keyboard by IBM with a PS1 connector…

You can laugh all you want but that keyboard survived a mug of hot milk once and it just worked through it, lovin’ it xD

In short I have a Nuclear factory and two smartphones now…ah…pleasures far and few…😝

The glare…



Quando lavori pure da un cimitero e il tuo boss (anche chiamato Ti😅) non capisce che cavolo ci sei andata a fare…

Ed i tuoi non capiscono cosa cavolo stai facendo mentre reciti il Credo…xD


Brief summary of this morn at 5 o’ clock:

Baby get a move on!
He says
I say
Come on love, it’s gonna be alright.
He says
I said no.
I say
Fräulein, for fuck’s sake, MOVE!
He looses it

I say
Is it an invite?
He says

Beady eyes shine from a crevice in the pillows and blanket.

I’m not a morning person, and I HATE running, Ti!
I say

He’s smiling…evilly.
Oh no…
The next moment my soft heaven is raided and I’m upside down on his shoulder.
He whistles.

I roar
You were right ma chérie, you put on weight back home.
He says
I’m still not running!
I say
Oh, that’s NOT up for debate, zierlich! Now for some breakfast…
He says

Morale della favola: controllate sempre di non aver davanti un’ossessionato della forma fisica/palestra/etc davanti prima di diventare innamorate cotte.
Sanno essere estremamente persistenti! @o@


Una delle poche cose che mi fanno venir voglia di tornare a casa ogni tanto…

L’Opus magnum delle mie estati a 40° l’ombra…


Zucchini in carpione con olio, aceto, aglio e salvia tritati.

Da mangiare con la forchetta che tracola sulle dita e grissini a volontà.

Ovviamente non esiste il stare in mezzo alla gente o al bancone per i prossimi tre giorni…

Per fortuna che c’è Ti! 😝


There needs to be an emoji for “sorry I took such an embarrassingly long time to respond to you; at first I was in the middle of something, and then I forgot about your message, and then I remembered but there had already been an awkward gap of time, and then I felt so crappy for not replying that it was easier to put it out of my mind, and then it kept lurking in the back of my head and making me feel guilty every time I remembered that I needed to reply, and then I just felt stupid because normal people don’t get anxiety spirals around responding to a friend, and now I’m mustering all my courage to reply belatedly, but I’m terrified that you’re secretly judging me for being such a failure at human interaction.”

THIS happens to me at least two times a week and not only with friends…

When you promise him to take care of dessert for dinner…
And you present him with Tiramisù made like it has to be made.
And he goes…

“Fräulein…what the hell is that thing?!”
“I thought it was pretty much self explanatory.”
“I’m not eating it, that’s a heart attack waiting to happen!”

I watch him, he watches me.
He gets weary but keeps a straight face…
…then fidgets and that’s my cue!

“How much would you wager if I tell you you’re going to want another portion after you taste it?”
“Not gonna happen, Fräulein.”
“Try me.”

End of the story?
The moment the first spoonful disappears inside his mouth I actually see his pupils dilating like balloons.
I can’t hide the smirk, ignoring his puppy eyes.
I firmly took the tin and put it in the fridge.
Because I too can be evil sometimes…

Ho scritto in questo post che il mio hobby scrivano sta subendo un alt totale a causa della vita reale…
Ciò permane ahimè…ma la mia insonnia pure e con ciò gioco a TS2 per buona parte della notte…LoL
L’ultima settimana ho fatto un mucchio di screenshot (ne ho resuscitata anche qualcuna del giurassico).
Ora, non ho mai passato ore a posare i miei simmini o altro ma, come dire, certi pixel sono, ahem, fotogenici.

Sì, sto parlando di una determinata coppia di persone…
Sì, proprio quelli lì di Steps…

Non è colpa mia se nel mio neighborhood siamo in Estate ed il mio gioco gira come una meraviglia nell’ultimo periodo! xD

(sotto la foto giurassica, schermate lo sguardo prima che vi bruci la retina! LoL)

Fa caldo…l’estate è nel pieno, l’asfalto slingua…e la nostra Ma Belle si prepara un bel panino all’ombra del suo attuale domicilio, un piccolo appartamentino giusto davanti la costa! =)

Invece questo idiota è pronto per una ustione di terzo grado…da notare l’estrema eleganza e disinvoltura con il quale sfoggia il Rubik…xD
On the beachside

La coppia rimane la più bella del mio attuale gameplay…<3

Saluti estivi da un mondo di pixel…

PS. Undoing Time starà ancora in blocco per qualche tempo…godetevi queste shot, Herm spera di tornare a pubblicare presto!

…breaking Snake!!! LoL

I can totally see him with a bored look on his face…

Get back to work you!


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