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…breaking Snake!!! LoL

I can totally see him with a bored look on his face…

Get back to work you!



You know that moment in time when you look in his general direction…
And you watch…
And you keep doing it with obvious enjoyment written all over your face…
And he catches you across the club…
The look he gives you, grinning like a fool.
And suddenly you’re not in the mood for dancing in public anymore.

Ne pleure plu, Fräulein. It’s not you.
Don’t you like the bittersweet truth, Fräulein?
Shall we return to chocolates, lavender scented candles and flowers?
Sweet nothings in your ear or faint-worthy dirty poetry?
Some other little thing you always secretly wished for?”

(Ed è qui che la nota della sua voce si abbassa ancora, vibrandomi dentro manco fossi un diapason, la sua voce che mi fa effetto come se di un altro mondo)

“Kiss me you imbecile!”
“That I’ll gladly do my petite.”


My name is fan
And wen its nite
Wen normal fowk
ar sleeping tite
Wen showrunners
Hav ben a dic
I do the thing.
I rite the fic.


Episode 21 of WTNV and I’m just like…
Cecil’s voice is great.
Perfect Carlos with the perfect hair and dark delicate skin… ecc
I ship those two.
And there is such amazing fan art on this podcast, god.
Strange thing is I usually catch up a couple of episodes at a time late  in the night (two times a week at best) and always at half the second I just doze off (1-2am, give me a break!)…gets me strange dreams really and I wake up just at the end of it without remembering a thing…

All things considered I will just be careful about doppelgangers (never really liked them xD) and now I need to play a themed TS2 neighbourhood…I deleted strangetown a century ago…shit!

Amidst all the weird and absurd and…ALL HAIL THE GLOW CLOUD!

Oh well…
Goodnight Night Vale, Goodnight!

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