I just finished to watch for the first time the Dracula Netflix miniseries and…oh wasn’t that a treat.

Don’t mind my fanatic toothy grin Gatiss and Moffat have surely destroyed and reconstructed the novel from their particular cloth and let me tell you I enjoyed it so much.

I see similarities (in truth there are none alas I still see them…heh) with a little something I hold dear to my heart. Hellsing.

The battle of wit between human and vampire…the wordplay so distinctive of the creators of Sherlock (even if what got me first where the first scenes…so true to the Bram Stoker’s Dracula!!!)

I liked the fact Dracula learned things from blood, it’s so very logical…

I liked the lit ending, for such a short story that felt like a full 10 episode season of gore intelligence and psychological indulgence.

Still if you want to fully appreciate this take on Dracula you need to know what you’re looking at…you need to read the book first.

Perfect example of what you can do with what if’s…

Bravo Gatiss. Bravo Moffat.

This is a masterpiece in disguise.