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UT è al capitolo 18 ora….buona lettura!


Coexisting in life is never easy.

We humans have so many ways of thinking and seeing things and taking critics.

Sometimes you just try honestly to help and all you receive is scorn for ‘YOU are not sharing MY views, admit it!’

Of course I see what you see, but I also see what I see, and possibly have an opinion of what the rest could see…truthful or polluted it may be.

There are days I truly resent helping for I know what I will gain.

Other days I help and stay silent and regret.

Truth and pain walk on the same cobble street often.

Family is family, I guess.


He had simply left, his power gone, his money not.

Went for far away refuges, man amongst men speaking many tongues.

Fought  for wavering rightful causes, cried for solid dreams made of clay.

Bittersweet the day he returned where no-one remembered the slick handsome beast now made man and scarred by truths.

Years had left lines on his noble profile and wear on his clothes, specks of early silver in his hair.

Heart beating a stoic rhythm under tanned skin, eyes placid and mindful.

Steps surer in a long ago city he still remembered but no more owned or wanted.

The old concrete, the harsh light reflecting in the windows high above.

Summer was in full swing as the roses in the park bloomed and died in the span of a few hours.

Sickly sweet wisteria hanging limply from balconies, children running amok in the muddy shore by the lake.

Every path freshly covered in grey gravel.

He found that afternoon to be a shade of lie he could stand, softly blurring the edges of his vision; a picturesque world long gone.

Grass bending gently to the breeze, white jasmine flowers weaved in crowns over young girls hair.

The pale green of her dress was the first thing he saw.

Tiny bare feet peeked through the hem and hid in the grass as the leaves overhead moved.

Peaceful sleep softened her features, the dark silk of her hair cushioned her head, lavender wafting gently to his nose.

Was she part of that sunny lie?

Cold as winter, so long gone.

There he sat, patience now his to nurture.

The sun slowly descending, bright amber green rays on her face.

A hand in his lap while she yawned and stretched like a cat.

Eyes on him, sharp and searching, half-relief half-suspicion in the steel gray.

You never told me your name, Nemesis.

Her smile true, her voice soft.

You never asked yet you find me, Narcissus.


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She walked and walked under the sun.

Of course she already knew of the High Castle’s fire but nothing more.

The voices of before now gone.

Mirrors erased.

Doubts taking hold.

Quicksilver eyes lost into reverie.

They called him Adone, still.

The thought saddened her to the very core.

As if a side of the beast survived when I know it did not.

Stubborn like a goat, quick like a fox, mindful like a wolf on the hunt.

Slaved to a living lie.

Sun scorched her dark hair like a flame and she reposed under a tree.

And what dreams you dream, fairer lady amongst fair?

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“Have you heard about Adone, dear?”

“Do tell!”

Pointed chins, diamonds and  pearls on thin necks, little bifurcated tongues wetting fat lips.

“Seems he went absolutely bonkers, such a fine handsome man he was…” a sharp turn of a perfectly manicured hand with two-inch claws “You remember that little, insignificant, mangy, blind girl? Yes, just the one with those dull eyes…so scary…seems she died.”

“Shame.” I don’t care in the slightest…but do tell me more!

Smile before another drop of evil fell from painted lips “Indeed! Such intelligence and handsomeness thrown away just for a little stupid no-one…well, seems my perfect son – you know my kind depraved, invincible coward, strong weakling darling! – was out with friends one of these nights doing what good, young gentlemen ought to do and…you know the High Castle, that beautiful place he had was heaping with flames. Mind! It was the finest for a bachelor house, the grandeur, the richly furnished bar, the beautiful soirees…at least before he stumbled on that little rat.”

A pause while sipping white tea.

“Did he die?”

“He wasn’t there, they say. No-one knows…maybe he found his way under a slab to find her!”

Dry high laughter while pointy tails swished gaily from the shadows projecting on the wall.

Or maybe you should try the weight of the slab you so desire.

A pair of orbs smoldered in the tea shop, a rough voice lethal in the racket.

The sun-drenched room went frigidly cold as the two old hens stood agape at the very same dead rat.

Eyes burned in her lean face, pale but very much alive.

Little but imposing, her chin up and nostrils wide, natural red lips thinned in deadly fury.

I think you need some more fun activities in your miserable life.

Her voice had a cutting edge, low and final before she took for the door.

Starting now.

The heavy tablecloth took on fire like tinder on their faces and soon the place smelled of burned flesh.

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Winter thawed in mud and decay.

He didn’t watch.

The casket lid splattered in sodden earth.

Silence and sounds of misery.

He still had more than any man or woman could want.

He didn’t have what he wanted above all.

The high castle a dark cave, echoing his steps.

He couldn’t find the mirror, solace to make him blind.

What would it be in its depths now?

Sun-blinded eyes over water.

White cherry flowers floating in sewers.

High ceilings encased in flames of lead.

Yet searching for a neon-lit name mounted over the grand entrance of Limbo.

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She fell ill.

Mercury spouted in big mouthfuls, silvery venomous pools.

Some days she couldn’t see at all, others her mind was blind.

She never crazed, never fevered, never closed her eyes.

Adone watched while her skin took a grainy quality and almost glowed in the night.

A drop of silver on her lower dry lip.

Her voice cracked like static.

Have you found your name?


There is power…in a name.


Give yourself a name and you might be found.

Her hand twitched and fell from his fingers.

The deamon-eyed shrew never drew another breath for she became moonlit stone.

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Bite hard at life.

Use your teeth and take big chunks.

Sometimes the pressure is so strong you think you’re gonna lose a few.

Don’t loosen the hold.

You’re going to pull through.

Most of the times failing something is predestined by the noise in our own heads as Ti says.

Work is hard and pressing?

Keep your head down and remain focused.

Don’t stray with ‘what if’s’ don’t lose your mind on unimportant details.

Do. The. Work. And. Bite. Your. Bit. As. Hard. As. Needed.

Then you can relax and enjoy the sun and the wind and il ritmo perpetuo of the world around you.

There’s no rewards without work consuming your bones under the sun.

This is a truth I learned in the last couple of years and I’ve never been more happy to be awake very late hours just to finish what was on the agenda and then awake at 11 o’clock the next day with the relaxing knowledge that I finished the work and I had the next 72 hours free.

I work too much, this week has been just hell.

But rewarding, exhausting and fun.


Happy Easter my darlings!

L’ho mai detto che da piccolina ero totalmente decisa a diventare astronauta?

No? xD

Beh la verità e che ho accantonato il progetto un bel po’ prima di iniziare le superiori.

Ma dai primi anni 2000, quando ci sembrava già di andare come dei fulmini con connessioni a 2 Mega al secondo pagati a peso d’oro ed a consumo (altro che i flat d’oggi! LoL), l’informazione e lo sharing di sapere ‘vero’ hanno raggiunto un grado di divulgazione meraviglioso.

Già lì mi perdevo in ore passate a tradurre con il poco inglese che sapevo (imparato ascoltando musica, eh, qualità assoluta!) ma adesso!

Vedi la prima immagine di un buco nero, la nuova missione ‘Moon to Mars’ americana, New Horizons che ci passa le immagini di Ultima Thule ed i tentativi vincenti dei cinesi, il carotaggio di Marte!

Sì, l’avete capito, la mia passione è viva e vegeta.

La sera se sono a casa e non ho straordinari mi guardo volentieri i filmati su Youtube della NASA con tutte le novità, addirittura il 35° congresso aerospaziale di quasi 3 ore ed, a volte, faccio una capatina a vedere il canale streaming Earth Views della ISS.

Non ho più molto tempo di guardare dal vivo le stelle, e meglio che tengo gli occhi incollati all’asfalto, ma cavolo…prima o poi arriveremo sulla Luna per rimanere.

Si capisce che sono gasata per questa cosa eh? xD

GO NASA!!! 🚀


We have our idiosyncrasies.
Sometimes I truly hate him, so much I want to tackle him and his fucking heavy-lifting frame with my 50 kilograms.
Other days he makes me purr, no-one’s ever done it before.
I could live wrapped around him like a tiny monkey, my arms around his neck and my face in his back…a living backpack.
Better place to sit on his lap and err…well…
I adore him when he drives delicately my chevrolet darling, when he lends me his shirts to use as pajamas (even his defeated look when this happens), his wardrobe, the quality of the morning light through his kitchen window, his cooking, the rings of smoke he blows when he’s thinking hard.
The smile when he understands he’s winning big, the way he goes for it like there’ll be no tomorrow.
How he walks in after we have a fight, totally aplomb.

Ti is still him.
I am still me.
We just walk side by side down the same road.
Happy & Glorious.



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Snow stopped, blinding under a clear blue sky.

Melting under the sun’s metallic light.

She couldn’t keep her eyes open, agonizing in dark rooms.

She was prescribed a plethora of things but nothing would do to ease the torment.


Voices echoed into the high castle, no-where to be found.

You defeated the mirror and freed the man from the beast, witch.

We will now take what of you remains.

Fear not as the pain won’t ease, you shall burn as the molten core in your blind eyes.

Ghostly white, she walked slowly in the renewed dark.

Bones protruding slightly from her back.

Dry, laborious breaths.

Yes, the mirror’s dead. She admitted with a smile

I don’t fear death for you all will accompany me, Deamons or voices I shall not spare anyone.

Write your sins into the core, just believe in your free will.

You won’t return.

I will, in time.

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His sight was clearer, alert but she was the exact same.

Sharp features, dark hair and striking eyes half-seeing.

Pale, not exactly beautiful.

Fine to his eyes, cold to the touch.

We should go back.

She watched him then nodded, her lips a shade of blue over the red.

Back at the castle she didn’t warm easily as he had hoped.

They watched snowfall together, her head on his breast while sirens echoed the arrival of a severe storm.

Will you give me a name?

She laughed weakly.

No, you should do that yourself.


It will come to you, I’m sure.

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A new Eos.

White muted light under a dove grey sky.

Sharp wind of early morning trough naked trees.

Winter still.

A little warm hand nestled in his, an anchor safe and truer than his sight was before.

For he could see now.

The harsh lines of concrete, the raised voices and dirty pavements.

Columns of smoke where Once-Men huddled for warmth.

Little dirty houses, crooked and decaying.

Enormous eyes in hollow children’ faces.

Dark rooms and hard stares in the stale air.

Brutal was the sight, monstrous.

For hell’s just beneath the thin oily film of the river he swam.

Heaven is a man’s illusion. She murmured calmly at his side A final idea made of innuendo quotes.

A big round mirror in which the world reflects perfect and whole.

Is it perfect, whole?

Every step deeper in the lie, less you see it more you ignore it as truth is not something anyone wants nowadays.

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