After the fear came unadulterated joy – for she looked down! – then bitterness at not being the cause and curiosity.

The last wasn’t sated as he didn’t ask and she didn’t talk much.

A few muttered words where all that left her mouth, while she ate with scarce appetite the feast he ordered.

Words that didn’t meant a fig to him for he was eating her alive.

Now that weakness had revealed itself he was in for the hunt as the spark was still there in the clouds hiding her eyes in the eclipse.

It wasn’t beneath him and he will prey on her for he wanted body, soul, mind, eyes and the very breath passing through those red lips of hers.

He could already taste victory and her blood in his mouth.

Later he would still feel the gentle pressure of fingers on his arm as he walked her to the subway station.

Later still her words of thanks, and a smile, eyes up into his.

I wronged you. She said For you do care.

He watched her go down the stairs, a mixture of shock and sinister pleasure on his face.

Scorned was the mirror, malign and black.

Splinters in his middle, hateful words on the snapping edge.

An Inferno unleashed the righteous fury of the Gods for the weak shall be spared and the pillager punished.

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