1. Driving fast;
  2. Stay in the dark;
  3. Walking home late at night;
  4. What others could think;
  5. Say my ideas as they are;
  6. Find myself a place to live where I can be what I am;
  7. If I have to I’ll destroy anything in my path with no remorse;
  8. Being truthful when no one is;
  9. I can be quite cruel if someone drives me to be;
  10. Cling to a tiny idea and create something of enormous proportions (writers know what I mean!😁)


11. The ‘Holy Fucking Shit!’ I exclaimed this morning at full volume seeing Ti’s attire for the day and his smug grin while he lit up his cigarette, someday he’ll definitely find the right combo for making me faint on the spot, I just know it. 😍