Certe cose si fanno quando non puoi dormire…
Quando viene la luna e ti chiede di uscire…

There’s no moon tonight.
I can’t see it at least but Mina knows and sings into my ear.
She always knows after all those years…
She knows you, Ti.
Our smiles, my cup of tea and your black coffee, your fingers weaved with mine under the table when we dine out with friends, the glow of your bare shoulders over me.
Blue smoke you puff out while you work.

The song is playing on repeat, it’s hurting me in many ways.
A good kind of hurt, mind you.
I know it will end in a few days.
Still there are the solitude and silence.
You changed me for the better in record time, Ti.
Again… there’s just one thing I will not say to you out loud, feelings not withstanding.
Happy new Year Art Deco Middle Aged Bastard.

Ma si sa certe cose non le puoi raccontare…