You know what I truly like?

To drive my massive car softly.

The engine warms very slow in cold winter days such as these.

I almost feel the moment the motor oil starts to be less dense, flowing faster and the slight vibration of the pistons cease.

My big purring baby when the temperature is just right and I finally open the gas and she growls eating the asphalt away a fraction of second later.

The horsepower that makes me smirk evilly.

This morning me and her….makin’ sweet love.

Adesso sapete anche perché molti di miei personaggi sono patiti di bolidi. Sí, venderei la mia anima x un nuovo carburatore proprio come Roger Taylor…sigh…peccato che la mia abbia l’iniezione elettronica!

I feel love every million miles
I feel love every once in a while…