Sometimes I truly don’t know what I need.
Somedays I look far into the horizon and I see an invisible wall.
Then there’s the freedom, the absolute where you know you can, and you will.
You take a trip with only the strenght of your legs and a bicycle, you go so high it gets quite difficult to inhale and keep pushing.
You reach the top and you’re proud of the sweat rolling down your brow.
Because you did it, against your own very cynicism.
It’s almost an year of going against my laziness and – God be my witness – I’ve changed so much no-one actually recognizes me in the streets.
Yesterday I bought my very first pair of skinny jeans size 44, it actually was a 42 on the waist but my legs are so muscled they couldn’t fit.
An year ago I was much skinnier but developing muscles I reached a healthy average weight of 53-55 kg.
All my old clothes are way to big for me now to the point that in 12 months I had to make four new holes in my leather belt.

I was afraid of changing too much, of being ridiculed, of never ever reaching my goals.

Today I can safely say I’m still myself, with 10 kg less, a somewhat round belly (yes, i hate abs workouts) and two powerful legs that can achieve an average 70 km per ride.

I am phisically and mentally strong and I am myself.

Old goals reached and new ones to come.

I shall never ever stop.