Time is ticking out to a place I never thought of.

It’s quite weird to lose oneself into some form of memory induced dream, then let reality kick you in the face.

I’m not going to regret things I never wanted in the first place, but the possibility of them will hunt me till my last days on this Earth.

Even the ones I let go because I never truly felt to deserve.

I have many regrets, one of them is You.

I still dream of you after ten years and, when it angered me beyond my wits for your betrayal, now I find my anger is gone and I can see you for what you were.

Better than me, witty, patient and deserving of a good life.

I’m not going to let you find me, if you ever searched that is.

The longest span of my ultimate plan to give you freedom, at the very least.

I  was unworthy (still am) and today I shall remember you and hope for your happiness.

One thing only remains and I will leave it where I confessed it to myself after all this time.

I will let us lay and fester under the fragrant shade of roses and wisterias.

And someday I will follow my impractical dreams into the soil.