Heard the new NW single.
Masterfully mixed but something does not convince me.
Actually I like more the alternative version of the single (reminds me of the Imaginaerum ambience) and I ask myself…if Troy will be so omnipresent in the songs from now on and if this is the mood of the entire album…
What is going to happen to Emppu, and Marco?
The guitar solos? Hietala voice?
I hear pretty well the keyboards and drums, the orchestra but those two where are they?

No, I’m not convinced and I’m not commenting.
I’m going to wait for the whole to be released
There’s no point to stick one toe into the water and declare you will never touch it again.
I will hear what’s there to experience with the most open mindedness I can manage
Submerge and emerge, simple as it is.

On another note, I saw the first trailer for Crimson Peak and…yes…
This is the kind of movie I like to spend my money on to watch it in a cinema… xD