Episode 21 of WTNV and I’m just like…
Cecil’s voice is great.
Perfect Carlos with the perfect hair and dark delicate skin… ecc
I ship those two.
And there is such amazing fan art on this podcast, god.
Strange thing is I usually catch up a couple of episodes at a time late  in the night (two times a week at best) and always at half the second I just doze off (1-2am, give me a break!)…gets me strange dreams really and I wake up just at the end of it without remembering a thing…

All things considered I will just be careful about doppelgangers (never really liked them xD) and now I need to play a themed TS2 neighbourhood…I deleted strangetown a century ago…shit!

Amidst all the weird and absurd and…ALL HAIL THE GLOW CLOUD!

Oh well…
Goodnight Night Vale, Goodnight!