when a piece of dialogue just appears in your head out of nowhere

and you don’t even know who the characters are

but they’re dialoguing and they’re upset or angry and they’re saying things and perhaps there’s been some deceit or misunderstanding and it’s all very passionate

and they’re so so alive

and you’re like

who are you people

Yep…happening all the time when I really need to sleep and I’m not in the mood for brainstorming, like now… =(
I don’t have time to focus but it feels great, because I’m not really alone…I’m hearing voices in my head and somewhere in between it comforts in me in ways I will never fully understand.

I’m worn out, angry like hell and ready to tear apart anything that will come in my path.
In the meantime L&M are shouting like banshees in my head, one louder than the other, noisy like two brats in kindergarten. *breathes fire when really needs to smoke a few fags, fuck the bad habit, tonight I had it!*