“Think of a book special to you, and how much bleaker and poorer your life would
be if that one writer had not existed—if that one writer had not, a hundred
times or a thousand, made the choice to write.

You’re going to be that one writer, one day, for somebody you may never meet. Nobody can write that book
you’re going to write—that book that will light up and change up a life—but

@sarahreesbrennan, on ignoring the doubters.
(via lettersandlight)

There is such truth in these words I bow to to you.
So many books have made me what I am today (both the fiction writer and the reader) that I can wholly understand.
And every new story or book I feast my eyes on is a discovery and a change in itself.
When you love something you keep it near your heart; be it a novel, a piece of music, a painting, a picture.
And then you create, because you’re inspired by others’ works, the magic returns and you give your best.

This is the place of mind when I finally feel to be in the right place in time.