Fasi della luna, numeri ed attese.

There’s nothing else worth.

Sto per esplodere.

Voglio sparire nella nuvola di fumo a forma di fungo.

Diventare radioattiva per non dover parlare con nessuno.

Desidero silenzio.

Quello fondo.

Il tipo che non ti permette di pensare.

The quiet that bears your anger, hate, despair, affection, radiance and love.

The silence where dustclouds are tinted copper and everything looks like a painting but just in your mindset.

I heard screams. I still hear them.

In cadence with the ticking of the clock forever buried inside the folds of my head.

The one clock that chimes the hours of the fate I refused.

I don’t have time, I hear and in the silence I look.

I’m destined to my own denies.

Leave me be.